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How To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

While in my final year at junior high school, I was twice accused of stealing discman (Looking at it, I actually see how old I now am. Where was the Ipod?). It all happened in the space of one week; during sports day which happened to be one of my days to escape from school and watch movies in the city.

Someone must have noticed my habit and decided to take advantage of it. Needless to say, two portable discplayers missing, I was the thief, no doubt.

More recently, I was cast in a commercial for a major national telecomms company as the main love interest blah blah. I was preparing for a show at the theatre where I volunteer and was standing in the office waiting for the accountant to release some money when the call came through. They were looking for a male actor in my age zone who had to be available imideatley. Everyone scratched their heads trying to think of the best person who fit into the description given. And then suddenly the costume designer looks at me and says 'You'. Despite my initial hesitancy, a tough audition, the rest is history.

Being in the right place at the right time can present to us the greatest opportunities while the opposite will land us in some great tragedies.

But how does one get to be in the right place at the right time?

Put a lot of effort into being near many opportunities as possible. Identify an area for which you have the necessary skills to capitalize on sudden opportunities. If you are passionate about racing and dream about racing one day, the stick to the race tracks. One day your opportunity to shine will come.

Lupita Ny'ongo is one of the greatest success stories of 2014. Her success didn't come overnight. I am sure she spent many years rehearsing and practising and when opportunity finally presented itself, she delivered an Oscar winning performance. Practice precedes the instance of luck and is just as important as the crowning moment itself.

Most people give up way before they should. Being in the right place may be inconviniencing but the people who have been successful despite sometimes considering giving up, never stopped trying. They have been tenacious in their pursuit of self improvement and achievement.

Today, I encourage you to be put yourself in places where the right opportunities for you might arise and practising and being persistent so that when that opportunity is finally given, you hit the home run with it.

Here is to being in the right place at the right time.

Imakando Musho


Constructive Criticism: Why to Never Take Offence When Your Creative Work Is Judged.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Accepting criticism is one of the hardest things for most of us to do. Especially when the criticism is focussed on something we put our hearts and sweat in. It hurts to have your passion thumped.

After writing my first magazine article into which I had poured myself, my editor called me to have a post publication meeting. He said my work was awesome, and had brought a new voice and angle to the magazine. But... He showed me the hundreds of mistakes I had made. I won't lie that a little part of my pride as a writer wasn't offended and hurt. I however took his advice and I can confidently say my writing has improved since then.

A lot of people feel that an attack on their dream or how they execute their passion is an attack on their person. They shouldn't. Criticism helps us sharpen our methods leading to better results. A musician will only release a record after it has gone under rigorous criticing. So will a writer, artist and companies releasing new product lines. Think of apple.

We depend on other people to help us sharpen our methods. We ask our siblings, partners and friends everyday 'HOW DO I LOOK?' They may see a little flaw that we dont see.

Critism helps builds us. The child who is constructively criticised for his bad attitude will try to be better so as the painter, composer, business executive and the lawyer whose previous attempts at achievement were not well received by their industry peers. We are ultimatley creatures who are surrounded by people and we wont stop until the people around us have appreciated our efforts and praised us.

Today, I encourage you to not take offence in criticism but to focus on the positive pointers you are shown on your work. Do not however take criticism on your person or on what you believe in. These are the elements that form the depths of your essence and being; very fragile and should never tolerate seeds of self doubt to be planted in them.

Here is to taking the right criticism whether hard or harsh and using it to advance our work, our careers, our families, relationships and our lives.

Imakando Musho.

Why Starting is Important- The Power Of Active Choice

Sunday, April 6, 2014 0 comments

I have been struggling to write, not just an article for the blog, but many other things including business plans, design ideas and my contribution to my column in a local magazine. Inspiration has been failing to hit and I have been stuck with days of doing nothing.

Just a few moments ago as I was playing with my phone, I just decided to do it. To just come out of the shell of excuses and be. And here I am; writing and I have got so many ideas for everything else I was supposed to do.

One of the greatest ways to achieving most is to ignore the conditions around us. To ignore the voice telling you that the market isn't conducive for your business idea, that the capital you have is not enough for your business or that your creativity is at your peak.

Once you start, everything that you need to make your project successful will fall into place.

You will find the right words to finish your NYTIMES Bestselling book, the right sound and lyrics to finish your record and a donor might be waiting for you to start that soup kitchen in a poor area of your town. What is important is to start; to decide that you have had enough and would like too see change.

A number of experiences where I have consciously decided to change quickly come to mind. How I woke up one day tired of the acne that covered every pore of my face and discarded all the remedies I picked up from magazines. In two weeks, I was unrecognizably smooth faced. Albeit darker.

On another occassion, I just decided I deserved a better school uniform and at the end of the school term, I burnt all of the old uniforms and newer, better uniforms fell into place before the next term started.

You can become who you want to be. Make a conscious decision about what you want. Your actions will match your conscience and the universe will put together tools to help you achieve it.

Today, I encourage you to make that conscious decision to change; to move towards your dreams. If I could decide to be confident and more sociable so can you decide to do what you want.

Here is to making active choices and starting those projects.

Imakando Musho


The Power of Karma: Why Retaliation Is Not The Best Way To Solve A Problem

Sunday, March 9, 2014 0 comments

One of the greatest lies ever told in self help is that you ought to win every battle. That you are superman who has to go and fight for your benefit and that of others every chance that you get.

Silence however can be our greatest weapon.

1. It leaves the door open for Karma to act. Whatever we sow we reap. The things we do for others will come to haunt us.

2. It makes you the bigger man. A lot of people are always trying to pick battles, some justified, some not but the man who won't respond or retaliate will walk away the bigger man, his dignity intact. Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most respected people of the 20th century provides such a great study and lesson.

3. You mantain relationships by being silent. Like everyone else, I have at certain times received some of the most unerving criticism on my work my person or was treated unfairly and instead of taking offence and retaliating, I keep my words to myself. That avoids going into a full scale war of back and forth and the relationships, though bruised, can be salvaged and mended. Its not as if my mind will be moving back and forth boiling in anger but its all about selfcontrol and knowing what you want out of the situations and relationships. And yes the comfort of #1 is always huge and often satisfying.

Today, I encourage you to not go to the press, to flare and respond to your inner anger or scream out your dissatisfaction. You will be stronger both personally and in the eyes of others.

Here is to a silent week.

Imakando Musho


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