The One Thing you Ought To Do to Make this Year Your Best Year Ever

Monday, January 6, 2014

At the beginning of 2013, a recently acquired twitter follower (later becoming a friend then a mentor) went through this blog during the time when I had abandoned it in disillusionment. And they encouraged me to write more. Very few locals had ever expressed interest or even acknowledged the blog that that single message was enough to get me off of my bum and write more regularly here.

I rediscovered my passion for writing and it gave rise to my being published in many local glossy magazines and getting a monthly column in one.

My mother has always been particular about the people I befriend. She didn’t like Charles because his brother was a drug abuser, nor Ben who had shifty eyes. Even up to today, she will still do that, like she did recently to a DJ friend I was giving a private listen of my music. She told him in his face that she didn’t like him because he wore a Rasta and that he clearly abused Marijuana which is why he had black lips and a burnt tooth. OK, maybe a little bit of exaggeration but I know a lot of you can relate to such. So even now when she is not around, I try by all means to befriend people who will have a good influence on me and my mom would agree on.

Her Logic: We are shaped by the voices we hear everyday, the voices that we trust and respect; The Media, the religious leader but most importantly, friends. They are the people that we like very much, trust our lives with and would love to impress throughout so we can still remain in the circle of friendship. The influence of friendships and relation ships on the way we live is very huge.

A few years ago, I shared on this blog, a post where I inquired whether your friends are building you or breakingyou. In it, I forwarded my theory of how most of our friends are people that we look up to; people who are better than ourselves because whatever they do will likely inspire us to take action to achieve our own dreams.

The voices that we hear everyday will inspire us to take action whether it is in the negative or the positive direction. For example, my business partner with whom I have spent a lot of time over the past few months is not an email person but I am an email person and I have recently started noticing a few emails from him every week. Subtly, I must have influenced him that email is really the communication tool for business.

This new year, I encourage you to listen to the voices you want to hear. If your creativity peaks when you hear positive criticism, close out the people who heap praises on you. The opposite is also very true. If your world view works by seeing the side of the news, then do away with your TV and follow those news sites, dedicated to reporting positive developments around the globe.

The voices that we let into our heads are very important to the maps that we end up creating. Just as my coming back to writing was influenced by someone whose voice I respected, so can that new business or relationship you are looking forward to starting. Move yourself closer to the people that inspire you.

Read some inspirational blogs, listen to motivational material, listen to good music and watch good TV theatre.We are ultimately responsible for what routes we will on our maps but the voices we let inside our heads will help shape those routes.

This year, the one thing you ought to do is mind the voices that you let inside your head. That will determine how efficiently you will move towards reaching your goals and achieve that huge dream you have been holding onto.

Here is to a meaningful new year!

Imakando Musho


  1. Thank you so much Prudence. you and your husband inspire me. Here is to a meaningful year in the arts for you. Love

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